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AMCAD Engineering supplies innovative software and hardware solutions to shorten the design flow of RF communication systems.

Seminar on Device Characterization Solutions

Together with Maury, AMCAD and HiTech we offered this hands-on seminar in Munich on May 3rd, 2022. Details about the seminar.
Here you can view the recorded videos from our online seminar:
AMCAD STAN software
AMCAD Vision software

AM3200 - fast and accurate Pulsed IV System

amcad pulsed iv system am3200Extract more accurate models quicker with the highest resolution measurements. AMCAD's AM3200 features
  • Unbreakable pulsers (thermal, SOA and DUT breakdown protections)
  • Pulsed or DC operation, pulse width down to 200ns
  • Long pulse time domain measurement capabilities
  • Interlock function disables pulsers within 1µs
  • High system flexibility with possibility for later upgrade
Download AM3200 brochure and datasheet.

STAN - Stability Analysis of RF and Microwave Circuits

STAN is a unique solution that brings together all the following advantages: fast, rigourous, user friendly and ready to use with commercial CAD software.
  • Single-node and multi-node analysis
  • Parametric analysis under variable load impedances and input signal power
  • Monte Carlo analysis

IVCAD - Measurement and Modeling Software

  • Manual and automated DUT measurement over bias, power, impedance and frequency
  • Varying drive signals
  • LDMOS and III-V compact transistor model extraction
  • Component, circuit and system behavioral model extraction
  • 2D and 3D analysis of measured and modeled data
  • Visualization of S-parameters, IV curves, pulse shape an 3D load pull contour
Download IVCAD data sheet.

IQSTAR - Hardware Agnostic Circuit Characterization Software

amcad iqstar measurement setup IQSTAR increases measurement consistency and eases up calibration and test bench setups with hardware from different vendors. Features:
  • Complete characterization flow from calibration to data analysis and reporting
  • Hardware agnostic: compatible with test instruments from most suppliers
  • No programming skills required
  • Compatible for coaxial, waveguide, fixtured and on-wafer measurements
  • Export data in CSV or MDIF formats for commercial circuit simulators
Download IQSTAR brochure.
Download IQSTAR product feature in Microwave Journal.

VISION - Comprehensive Modeling Platform for Reliable System Simulation

VISION offers a comprehensive methodology to extract complete and accurate RF and microwave circuit behavioral models which take into account all observed phenomena. VISION enables leveraging circuit models to design complex system architectures using its schematic editor to ensure a reliable bottom-up design flow process. Features:
  • Turn-key circuit and system-level modeling environment
  • Measurement benches control for model extraction and validation
  • Device modeler toolbox for active and passive circuits (LNAs, HPAs, Filters, Mixers…)
  • System-level macro-modeling solutions and export to commercial system simulators
Download VISION brochure.

Whiteboard - Measurement Data Analysis Software

Analyze and leverage the data generated by your measurement setups and/or simulation software. Features:
  • Create and customize unlimited data analysis templates
  • Advanced data post-processing tools
  • Multiple data illustration and management controls
  • Data import and export functionalities from and to third-party solutions
  • Scripting mode with advanced controls
  • Interactive Reports
Download Whiteboard brochure.
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