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Antenna Systems Solutions
(Asysol) is an experienced manufacturer of custom antenna measurement chambers (near field measurement systems, compact ranges, positioning systems and hybrid antenna measurement chambers) with development and production in Spain and Germany. Asysols Firmenpräsentation herunterladen

Antenna Test ChambersAsysol compact antenna test chamber

Positioners, controllers and software were developed for the antenna measuring chambers themselves. Customers include well-known universities, research institutes and customers from the telecommunications, aviation and defense industries. The absorbers for the chambers come from the market leader Emerson & Cuming. 

Compact Antenna Test Ranges

Near-Field Measuring Systems

Planar, cylindrical and spherical near-field measurement systems have been realized by Asysol for frequencies from 300 MHz to 110 GHz (certified by ESA).

Planar and Cylindrical Near-Field Antenna Test SystemsAsysol spherical near field system

  • Scan range up to 40 m x 20 m
  • Scan speed up to 400 mm/s in X- and 700 mm/s in Y-direction
  • High planarity of 0.06 mm
  • Absolute encoders for highest accuracy
  • Simultaneous measurement of both polarisations
  • Data sheet planar near-field measuring systems

Spherical Near-Field Measuring Systems (Phi über Theta)

Spherical Near-Field Measuring Systems (Gantry over Azimuth)

Hybrid Antenna Measurement SystemsAsysol antenna motion control system

Asysol has many years of experience in combining compact ranges and near-field or far-field antenna measurement systems. The cover of the CATR reflector with absorbers is automatically and motorized. The combination of two measuring methods in one system improves the flexibility and the measuring possibilities while at the same time offering low costs and requiring little space.

Antenna Positioners

Positioners for antenna measurements are available from Asysol for different antenna weights (chip antennas, base station antennas, vehicles and aircraft) and degrees of freedom.
  • Calibration of the positioner under load conditions
  • Accuracy better than 0.01°
  • Backlash-free operation
  • Integrated sliprings and rotary joints
  • Data sheet azimuth positioners Asysol azimuth positioner

Horn Antennas and Probes

Software for Antenna Test Systems

ASYSOL has developped a modular software for
  • Acquisition of antenna measurement data
  • Mesurement analysis
  • Transformation of near-field measurements to far-field (with TICRA)
  • Visualisation of measurement results (2D and 3D Plots)
  • Antenna measurement software brochure ASYSOFT   Asysol antenna measuring software