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Barry Industries  from Massachusetts is the leading manufacturer of resistive RF components for applications in communications, defence and healthcare. Barry's products are synonymous for highest quality standards which are guaranteed by the vertical integration of all processes from development through all production steps until functional tests (RF up to 60GHz, pulsed power and high voltage) and High-Rel screening for defence and space applications. Barry catalogue resistive components

The ART of Passive RF Components:
ttenuators, Resistors, Terminations on Aluminium nitride (AlN) and Beryllium oxide (BeO).
Overview passive components.

Download here the Barry catalogue of standard resistive components.

RF Attenuators

RF Attenuator Chips

Barry leaded RF attenuatorsRF Attenuators leaded

  • RF attenuators leaded on AlN and BeO substrates up to 4GHz or 250W
  • attenuation values 0dB, 1dB, 2dB, 3dB, 5dB, 6dB, 10dB, 20dB, 25dB, 30dB

Barry high power flanged RF attenuators RF Attenuators with Flange

  • RF-Attenuators with Silver plated Copper flange
  • with Aluminium nitride (AlN) substrate up to 800W
  • with Beryllium oxide (BeO) substrate up to 3000W
  • Highlight: 30dB attenuation, up to 800W at 4.5GHz
  • attenuation values 0.5dB, 1dB, 1.5dB, 2dB, 2.5dB, 3dB, 4dB, 5dB, 6dB, 10dB, 15dB, 20dB, 25dB, 30dB, 31dB

RF Resistors for high Frequencies and high Power

Thick Film RF Chip Resistors Barry chip resistors

  • low capacitance chip resistors in sizes from 0201 to 5050
  • resistance values from 0.1Ohm to 1GOhm, 0 Ohm jumpers available
  • tolerances to 1%
  • temperature range -55°C to 150°C
  • solderable or wire bondable or for Epoxy die attach
  • various terminal configurations from full wraparound to single-sided
  • on Aluminium oxide (Al2O3) substrate up to 80W CW power dissipation
  • on Aluminium nitride (AlN) substrate up to 270W CW power dissipation
  • on eryllium oxide (BeO) substrate up to 800W CW power dissipation

Non-magnetic Thick Film Chip Resistors for MRI Barry flip chip resistors

  • non-magnetic SMD-resistors in sizes from 0202 to 5050
  • on Al2O3, AlN, or BeO, resistance values and power dissipation as above
  • solder or Epoxy attachment
  • RoHS compliant Palladium-Silver terminations
  • on Aluminium nitride (AlN) substrate up to 270W CW power dissipation
  • on Beryllium oxide (BeO) substrate up to 150W CW power dissipation
Brochure non-magnetic chip resistors

Flip Chip Resistors for highest Frequencies Barry flip chip attenuator up to 60GHz

  • Flip-chip resistors in sizes from 0201 to 2335, up to 50W power dissipation
  • with back metallisation in sizes from 0402 to 5050, up to 400W power dissipation
  • single-sided for wire bonding or face (film) side down with solder or epoxy mount.
  • metallisations: Gold, Tin-Lead over Nickel-Gold, Tin over Nickel-Gold or Gold on PtPdAU

Thick Film Resistors with Flange for high RF Power Barry high power flanged resistors

  • low parasitic capacitance values
  • resistance values 1Ohm to 1kOhm
  • temperature range -55°C to 150°C
  • standard tolerances ±5%
  • on BeO 20W up to 1200W CW power
  • on AlN 10W up to 250W CW power
  • all are RoHS compliant

Thick Film Resistors leaded for high RF Power Barry leaded resistors

  • on Aluminium nitride (AlN) up to 150W, on Beryllium oxide (BeO) up to 200W
  • standard resistance values 50Ω or 100Ω, models available from 0.5Ω to 20kΩ
  • standard tolerances 1%
  • temperature range -55°C to 150°C
  • leads are Silver plated Copper

Barry flanged RF terminationsRF Terminations

Barry produces RF terminations as SMD, leaded and with flange.

RF Terminations Chips

in sizes from 0202 to 3737, to 60GHz or power dissipation up to 250W

RF Terminations leaded

on AlN and BeO substrates up to 250W

RF-Terminations with Silver plated Copper Flange

on AlN up to 800W, on BeO up to 1750W

rf resistor power derating curve Copper Tungsten Flange for highest Reliability

Barry has developped products with special copper tungsten (CuW) flange for highest reliability in pulsed amplifiers and for large temperature variations. This Application Note explains the advantages.
The special requirements for resistors in pulsed applications are explained in this paper.

Customer specific Ceramic Products

Barry designs and produces customer specific ceramic products with and without resistive components.
Here are the Design Guidelines for ceramic components.

Examples: Barry keramischer Mikrokanalklühler
Water-cooled RF termination with 5kW power dissipation

Ceramic micro channel cooler (picture to the right)

Customer specific Thick-Film-substrates for Microwave and High-Rel-Applications

Barry produces precise thick film substratees for applications in RF (e.g. 5G microwave circuits), for defence and space according to customer drawings. Some examples are shown here.
Barry custom thick film substrate C2 Barry custom thick film substrate C3 Barry custom thick film substrate C5 Barry-custom-thick-film-substrate-C6

Barry does qualifications for space applications

Barry ceramic QFN RF package QFN-Packages for Microwave and Millimeterwave Applications

Barry has developped hermetically sealed QFN-packages
  • Aluminium oxide (Al2O3, Alumina) or Aluminium nitride (AlN)
  • JEDEC MO-220 footprints
  • for microwave and millimetre wave applications up to 40GHz
  • low insertion loss: DC to 18GHz: 0.5dB; 18GHz to 35GHz: 1.5dB
  • RoHS compliant
  • customer specifc versions can be developped for a few k pcs
Overview ceramic QFN-packages
Pins Configuration JEDEC MO-220
Model No.
(data sheet)
3mm 12 Bare Seal Ring VEED-5 QFN-3312-0500
3mm 12 Grounded Seal Ring VEED-5 QFN-3312-0501
3mm 12 Castellated
Grounded Seal Ring
VEED-5 QFN-3312-0502
4mm 20 Bare Seal Ring VGGD-5 QFN-4420-0500
4mm 20 Grounded Seal Ring VGGD-5 QFN-4420-0501
4mm 20 Castellated
Grounded Seal Ring
VGGD-5 QFN-4420-0502
5mm 32 Bare Seal Ring VHHD-5 QFN-5532-0500
5mm 32 Grounded Seal Ring VHHD-5 QFN-5532-0501
5mm 32 Castellated
Grounded Seal Ring
VHHD-5 QFN-5532-0502
6mm 36 Bare Seal Ring VJJD-5 QFN-6636-0500
6mm 36 Grounded Seal Ring VJJD-5 QFN-6636-0501
6mm 36 Castellated
Grounded Seal Ring
VJJD-5 QFN-6636-0502
7mm 44 Bare Seal Ring VKKD-5 QFN-7744-0500
7mm 44 Grounded Seal Ring VKKD-5 QFN-7744-0501
7mm 44 Castellated
Grounded Seal Ring
VKKD-5 QFN-7744-0502
8mm 48 Bare Seal Ring VLLD QFN-8848-0500
8mm 48 Grounded Seal Ring VLLD QFN-8848-0501
8mm 48 Castellated
Grounded Seal Ring
VLLD QFN-8848-0502