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electronics and innovation logoElectronics & Innovation (E&I) manufactures ENI's ultrasonics, HF and VHF power amplifiers, phased array amplifiers, modules and impedance transformers. They are characterized by large bandwidth and high linearity and proven robustness with all loads.E&I amplifiers

  • Medical ultrasonics
  • Non-destructive testing
  • HF research (e.g. linear accelerators)
  • EMI tests
  • HF and VHF radios and transmitters
Flexibility and fast development of customer specific amplifiers are strengths of E&I.

E&I Power Amplifiers and equivalent ENI Amplifiers

E&I's range of HF and VHF amplifiers is characterized by:
  • High linearity class A amplifier designs up to 500W, class AB up to 2kW
  • New class D amplifier family, highly efficient, compact, low weight!
  • High gain, typically 50dB to 60dB
  • Large bandwidths
  • Stable with all loads (open, short, capacitive, inductive,...)
  • CE certifiied and RoHS compliant
  • Frequency range 10kHz to 1GHz
Clicking on the name of the E&I amplifier will download the data sheet:
RF Power Frequency Range Power Gain E&I Amplifier ENI equivalent Amplifier
2000W 20kHz - 1MHz 58dB 1240L EGR 1600B, EGR 3200B
1000W 20kHz - 400kHz 60dB 1000S04 new product, class D
1000W 10kHz - 2MHz 55dB 1140LA ENI 1140LA, EGR 8008
1000W 300kHz - 35MHz 60dB A1000 ENI A1000
500W 50kHz - 12MHz 60dB 2500L
500W 300kHz - 35 MHz 60dB A500 ENI A500
500W 20kHz - 600kHz 57dB 500S06 new product, class D
400W 10kHz - 12MHz 55dB 2400L
400W 10kHz - 5MHz 55dB 1040L ENI 1040L, ENI AP-4008
300W 300kHz - 35MHz 55dB A300 ENI A300
200W 10kHz - 12MHz 53dB 2200L
200W 10kHz - 5MHz 53dB 1020L
150W 300kHz - 35MHz 55dB A150 ENI A150
100W 250kHz - 150MHz 50dB 3100LA ENI 3100LA
100W 10kHz - 12MHz 50dB 2100L ENI 2100L
75W 300kHz - 35MHz 50dB A075
50W 250kHz - 150MHz 47dB 350L ENI 350L
40W 10kHz - 12MHz 50dB 240L ENI 240L
25W 250kHz - 150MHz 50dB 325LA ENI 325LA
20W 100kHz - 2MHz 43dB UltraX-20  
10W 100kHz - 2MHz 40dB UltraX-10  
10W 150kHz - 300MHz 40dB 411LA ENI 411LA
10W 15kHz - 12MHz 40dB 210L
3W 150kHz - 300MHz 37dB 403LA ENI 403LA
1W 800kHz - 1GHz 40dB 601L ENI 601L, ENI 603L

Amplifier Systems for Ultrasonic Phased Arrays

E&I Phased Array AmplifierElectronics and Innovation's extensive amplifier research has led to the development of amplifier systems with controlled delay and phase for each amplifier module for linear or curved arrays of ultrasonic sensors. These highly linear phased array amplifiers are available in class A or AB designs with 2 to 61 channels, RF powers up to 100W per channel and for frequencies from 250kHz to 150MHz. Please call us to get more details
E&I ultrasonics amplifier module

HF and VHF Amplifier Modules

E&I is renowned for its highly inear, robust and reliable HF amplifiers. That technology is now available as modules, pallets and subsystems. They are available in various power classes from 1W to 400W for frequencies from 10kHz to 35MHz, e.g. for ultrasonic applications or ISM band applications at 13.5MHz and 27MHz. Other combinations of power and bandwidth are available upon request.
RF Power Frequency Range Power Gain E&I Amplifier Module
400W 10kHz - 5MHz 15dB M-1040
200W 10kHz - 5MHz 15dB M-1020
200W 10kHz - 12MHz 20dB M-2200
150W 500kHz - 35MHz 20dB MA-150
100W 10kHz - 12MHz 20dB M-2100
75W 500kHz - 35 MHz 20dB MA-075
40W 10kHz - 12MHz 20dB M-0240
15W 20kHz - 30MHz 40dB 15M30
E&I amplifiers overview E&I RF power meter

Broadband HF and VHF Power Indicators

These power indicators measure output power and reflected power. Four different types cover 10kHz to 150MHz, up to 2000W.
Brochure HF power indicators

Impedance Matching Transformers

Impedance Matching Transformers with Fixed Transformation

E&I has developed impedance transformers with 50 Ohm input impedance and output impedances between 3 Ohm and 200 Ohm for out powers up to 150W and frequency ranges from 10kHz to 10MHz.

RF Power Frequency Range E&I Transformer Output Impedance
150W 10kHz - 5MHz JT-200 200 Ohm
150W 10kHz - 5MHz JT-100 100 Ohm
150W 10kHz - 10MHz JT-25 25 Ohm
150W 10kHz - 10MHz JT-12 12 Ohm
150W 10kHz - 10MHz JT-6 5,5 Ohm
150W 10kHz - 5MHz JT-3 3,1 Ohm
E and I transformers

Impedance Transformers with switchable Output Impedance

For RF powers up to 1 Kilowatt E&I has developed Locked-On impedance transformers with 50 Ohm input impedance and hot switchable output impedances.
Power Frequency Range E&I Transformer Output Impedances
1000W 500kHz - 5MHz HI-Z-800 50 Ohm, 100 Ohm, 200 Ohm, 400 Ohm, 800 Ohm
1000W 500kHz - 5MHz LO-Z-6 6 Ohm, 12 Ohm, 25 Ohm, 50 Ohm, 100 Ohm
If you need different impedances please ask us for customer specific designs.

With a capacitive load (e.g. ultrasonics transducers, piezoelectric crystals) there will be mismatch losses, which are explained in this application note.