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Innovative Power Products is a team of RF experts, some of whom worked at company RF Power, which was bought in 2000 by Anaren. Their experience results in innovative, reliable, high quality couplers, dividers and baluns which are available as SMD, drop-in or connectorized. With low insertion loss, low VSWR and RF power up to 2500W they are ideal for all RF power amplifiers from 1MHz to 12GHz. Customer specific developments will be realized quickly and also for low quantities.
Catalog of standard products

SMD-Baluns 20MHz to 2500MHz, 100W.

SMD 90° hybrid couplers 30MHz to 12GHz, up to 300W.IPP SMD balun
Drop-In 90° hybrid couplers 20MHz to 6GHz, up to 1500W.
Coaxial 90° hybrid couplers 20MHz to 6GHz, SMA up to 400W, N up to 1000W, 7/16 up to 1500W
90° hybrid couplers with impedance transformation (25 Ohm to 50 Ohm), SMD or Drop-In, 225MHz to 3.5GHz, up to 300W.
SMD-directional couplers 1MHz to 6GHz, coupling 10dB to 50dB, up to 300W.
Drop-In directional couplers 20MHz to 6GHz, coupling 10dB to 50dB, up to 500W CW.
Coaxial directional couplers 2MHz to 6GHz, coupling 20dB to 50dB, up to 2500W CW.
Drop-In power dividers 2-way, 3-way and 4-way, 20MHz to 4GHz, up to 500W.
Coaxial power dividers 2-way, 3-way, 4-way and 8-way, 20MHz to 6GHz, up to 2500W CW. connectors: N, SMA, SC or 7/16. IPP directional coupler

Catalog of standard products
IPP is very responsive regarding customer specifications!

New Products:
IPP-7112 and IPP-7114: New High Frequency 90 Degree SMD Couplers up to 12.0 GHz.
IPP-8036, bidirectional coupler, 300W, 50dB, SMD, 20MHz -1000MHz. Datasheet
IPP-7075, 90° coupler, 200W, SMD, 2700MHz -3500MHz. Datasheet IPP-7075
IPP-8029, bidirectional SMD coupler, 150W, 20dB, 800MHz - 2500MHz. Datasheet IPP-8029
and many more new products, info here at IPP