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Microwave Technology (MwT) manufactures RF and microwave GaAs and GaN RF FETs and amplifiers, low noise pHEMT devices, MMICs and hybrid RF modules, for space applications, defence, point-to-point and wireless.
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HBT MMIC Amplifiers

Microwave Technology MMICs
  • VSAT and Point-to-Point High Power MMIC Amplifiers
  • VSAT and Point-to-Point High Linearity MMIC Amplifiers
  • RF Driver Amplifiers
  • Travelling Wave Microwave Amplifiers
  • High Linearity Broadband Driver Amplifiers
  • Broadband Low Noise Amplifiers
  • High Linearity Driver Amplifiers for WiMAX, WLAN 802.11ac, Car2X 802.11p

Low Cost MMIC Amplifiers

Microwave Technology low cost packaged MMICs
  • LNAs and driver amplifiers for S-band, C-band and X-band
  • Low noise GaAs MESFET transistors
  • Low cost SOT-89 and QFN packages
  • Output power at 12GHz: 27dBm to 33dBm
  • Noise Figure at 12GHz: 0.9dB to 3dB

Hybrid Modules

MwT hybrid modules
  • Miniature Drop-In Hybrid Amplifiers
  • Standard Gain Block Amplifier Modules
  • Standard Temperature Compensation Amplifier Modules
  • Standard Voltage Regulator Modules


  • Low Noise GaAs pHEMT Devices
  • Millimeter Wave pHEMTs
  • Medium and High Power pHEMTs
  • Broadband pHEMTs

Space and Hi-Rel

MwT Space Hi-Rel
  • Over 25 Years of Space and High-Reliability Experience
  • Assembly, Test, Screening and Qualifications 
  • For Microwave Semiconductors, Components and Subsystems
  • Screening of Other Manufacturers' Devices:
  • Qorvo (TriQuint, RFMD), Analog Devices (Hittite), Avago, M/A-COM, Mitsubishi, NEC, Sumitomo, Toshiba, Microsemi
    Download MwT's Hi-Rel and Space Product Screening Brochure

Connectorized Amps

Microwave Technology connectorized amplifiers
  • Narrow-Band GaAs FET and pHEMT Amplifiers
  • Low Noise pHEMT Amplifiers
  • Medium Power GaAs FETs
  • High-Reliability Screening
    Download MwT's Connectorized Amplifier Capability Brochure

Custom Amplifiers

 MwT Custom Amplifiers
  • Customer Specific Packaging
  • Multiple Inputs and Outputs
  • Power Limiters
  • Internal Filtering and Gain Shaping
  • Gain Control and Power Control
  • Phase and Gain Tracking and Matching
  • High Reliability 
    Download MwT's Custom Amplifier Capability Brochure

Gunn Diodes

MwT Gunn diodes
  • CW and Pulsed Applications
  • K-Band (18-26.5GHz)