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Qorvo = RFMD + TriQuint. With revenues of more than 2.5B USD Qorvo is one of the largest suppliers of RF components.

Qorvo Process Technologies 

Qorvo's products and foundry services are based on market leading process technologies: GaAs, GaN on SiC, GaN on Si, SiGE, InGaP, Si BiCMOS, Si CMOS, SAW filters and BAW filters and the integration in multi-chip modules (MCMs) and hybrid modules.

Qorvo Product Families

Amplifier ICs, Hybrids and Spatium Microwave SSPAs
Switches and Switch Modules with integrated Decoders and Filters
Control Products (programmable Attenuators, Phase Shifters, Limiters, programmable Capacitors)
Transistors (GaN and GaAs)qorvo GaN power transistor
Filters and Duplexers (SAW and BAW)
Frequency Converters (Mixers, Modulators, Demodulators, Multipliers, Synthesizers with Mixers)
Integrated Modules (Front-End Modules, Transmit Modules)
Optical Components
Oscillators (hybrid VCOs, integrated VCOs, Synthesizers)
Passive Components (Power Dividers, Transformers, Couplers, Attenuators)

Qorvo Brochures and Product Selection Guides

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Qorvo GaN & GaAs for defense
Qorvo Defense & Aerospace
Qorvo ultra-wideband solutions
Qorvo Ultra-Wideband
Qorvo SOI products
Qorvo Power Management ICs
Qorvo customer premises equipment products
Qorvo Wi-Fi Front End
Qorvo automotive
Qorvo Automotive Products
Qorvo field proven GaN solutions
Qorvo GaN Products
Qorvo SOI products
SOI Switches & Attenuators
Qorvo Spatium SSPA technology
Qorvo Spatium SSPAs
Qorvo IOT solutions
Qorvo IOT Solutions
Qorvo CATV control products
Qorvo CATV Product Guide
Qorvo LTE small cell products
LTE Small Cell Products
Qorvo 5G infrastructure products
Qorvo 5G Infrastructure
Qorvo VSAT and point-to-point
Qorvo VSAT & Point-to-Point
Qorvo ISM band products
Qorvo ISM Band Products
Qorvo optical solutions
Qorvo Opto-Drivers and TIAs
Qorvo advanced filtering solutions
Qorvo SAW and BAW Filters
Qorvo WiFi filters
Qorvo Wi-Fi Filters
Qorvo Wi-Fi switches and LNAs
Qorvo Wi-Fi Switches & LNAs

Qorvo Foundry-Service

For strategic customers Qorvo offers a Foundry-Service for its GaAs and GaN processes.