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is a leading provider of quartz crystals, quartz filters and quartz oscillators.
Based in Switzerland, QuartzCom offers the most innovative design of quartz components in the market and guarantees a very reliable and cost controlled production in high quality.
QuartzCom ensures short response times, flexibility, short delivery times and the profound technical support based on long term experience.
QuartzCom focuses on own TCXO & VC-TCXO production and releases new products constantly.

New products

High Precision (VC)TCXO

TX VT 14M 40 - 200 MHz HP (pdf, 294.5 kB)
TX VT 11M 50 - 150 MHz HP (pdf, 157.7 kB)

Low G-sensitive (VC)TCXO

TX VT 14M 40 - 200 MHz LG (pdf, 258.7 kB)
TX VT 11M 50 - 150 MHz LG (pdf, 195.4 kB)

Low G-sensitivity, vibration resistant, temperature compensated CSW SMD TCXO

TX7-705M-TQN-HPG (pdf, 1.5 MB)

Highly shock resistant, low G-sensitivity 0.3 ppb/g, temperature compensated CMOS SMD TCXO

VT7-705CM-SQ-HPG (pdf, 836.1 kB)

Quartz Crystals

QuartzCom offers a wide range of Quartz Crystals for the telecom infrastructure, mobile radio, instrumentation and automotive markets.
Quartz Crystals SMT
Quartz Crystals SMD Type
Quartz Crystals Through Hole
Quartz Crystals Through Hole Type

Quartz Oscillators

QuartzCom offers a wide range of Quartz Oscillators, most of them are available in SMD and Through Hole Type.

OCXOs (Oven Controlled Xtal Oscillators)

SPXOs (Simple Packaged Xtal Oscillators)

(VC)TCXOs (Voltage and Temperature Compensated Xtal Oscillator



TCXOs for Location and Navigation (GPS, Galileo, etc.)


Quartz Filters

Quartz Crystals SMT
Quartz Filters Ceramic packaged
Quartz Crystals Through Hole
Quartz Filters Metal packaged