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Trans-Tech logoTrans-Tech is a 100% subsidiary of Skyworks. We represent the following product families:

Ceramic RF Components

Trans-Tech coaxial resonator filtersTrans-Tech designs and manufactures a wide range of ceramic-based RF components including coaxial RF resonators, inductors and coaxial RF filters for defense (counter-IED, EW, TCAS, GPS) and commercial applications (medical, testequipment, RFID).

All components are made in-house utilizing proprietary powder formulations and ceramic processing techniques. Tightly controlled processes produce the highest quality and most consistently reproduceable products available. Rapid turnaround from design to prototype is achieved utilizing the vast engineering expertise.

Trans-Tech designs space-saving resonator filters with very low profile (2mm, 1.85mm and 1.5mm) for frequencies up to 7GHz and high-power ceramic filters for frequencies up to 2GHz with power levels up to 100W.
Read more in this ceramic resonator filter presentation.
Trans-Tech Ceramic Bandpass Filters website
Trans-Tech Coaxial Resonators website
Trans-Tech Coaxial Inductors website

Dielectric MaterialsTrans-Tech dielectric materials

Trans-Tech offers proprietary ceramic materials with the best compromise of size, Q-factor, temperature stability, and cost. The dielectric resonator materials are custom-blended and sized to suit the individual filter or oscillator design. They can be provided in custom shapes such as bars, substrates, or powders for dispersion into polymers.
Trans-Tech dielectric materials website

Ferrites & Magnetic Materials

Trans-Tech magnetic materialsTrans-Tech is the largest manufacturer of microwave ferrite materials in the world, producing tens of millions of pieces each year for the wireless industry. The products range from high volume garnets for wireless infrastucture to specialized materials for radar applications. Above resonance devices range from 100 MHz to around 3 GHz, and below resonance from about 1 GHz to 40 GHz or more. Another set of materials are available for high power applications. Some have suitable switching properties for devices based on below resonance phase shifting.
Trans-Tech ferrites and magnetic materials website