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Zurich Med Tech is a sister company of Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (SPEAG) in Zurich. On the basis of the FDTD-solver Semcad X Zurich Med Tech (ZMT) developed Sim4Life, the software suite for medical applications and added the largest family of human phantoms and tissue models. ZMT also offers test systems for hardware based validation.

Virtual Family and anatomic Models

The Virtual Population ViP 3.0 consists of fully body models of highest resolution with variable positioning and morphing.
zurich med tech virtual population
  • the virtual family consists of 15 different body models and 10 different head models
  • more than 120 different anatomic properties Sim4Life poser
  • more than 300 different tissues
  • special data format for maximum of details at reduced resolution
  • positioning with complex bio-mechanical simulations
  • interactive morphing for anatomically correct change of Body-Mass Index
  • high resolution head models with detailed anisotropic brain structures
  • models with high accuracy of several animals

Software for electromagnetic Modelling

P-EM-FDTD is a software for the solution of electromagnetic problems using FDTD (Finite Difference Time Domain).
  • geometry-adaptive, inhomogenous meshes, calculation with dispersive materials
  • optimal simulation speed, supporting fast GPUs and multi-processor-cores
  • validated and documented by IEEE/IEC 62704-1 and hundreds of measurements
ZMT MRI birdcage designApplications:
  • ideal for MRT coil design
  • active and passive implant safety in MRT
  • radio frequency hyperthermia
  • radio frequency tumor ablation
  • prediction of specific absorption rate (SAR)

Test Equipment for Safety of active medical Implants

MITS is the Medical Implant Test System which emulates commercial MRT systems with defined modulation and time sequences.
  • MITS1.5 is compatibel with ISO/IEC standard for active medical implants in 1.5 Tesla MRTs
  • MITS3.0 follows the ISO/IEC standard ffor active medical implants in 3 Tesla MRTs
  • test of implants against thermal regulations
  • test of implants against EMC regulations

Application Wireless Power Transfer ZMT Wireless Power Transfer Simulation

Wireless charging of mobile phones and cars is a new technology which requires meeting the limits for electromagnetic radiation. In IEEE Standard C95.1 the limits are given for the frequency range 3kHz to 300GHz.

Calculation of electromagnetic Radiation during contactless Charging

A model of the Virtual Population is being positioned next to the charging equipment. Fields induced in the phantom are being analysed using a Finite Difference Time Domain solver. Features:ZMT Wireless Power Transfer Simulation
  • Simulation of various scenarios with a poser tool
  • EM-FDTD solver considers tissue distribution in human bodies
  • electro-magnetic feedback on the charging unit is being simulated
  • special Low-Frequency solver to improve simulation speed