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A broad portfolio of VCOs and PLL synthesizer modules, highly efficient automated production and the highest quality standards at affordable prices make Z-Communications one of the leading suppliers.

The products are categorized into these families:

ZRO-series: 600MHz to 3GHz Ultra-Low-Noise VCOs (typ. -127dBc/Hz at 1GHz, 10kHz Offset), narrow band

V-series: 40MHz to 8GHz Low-Noise VCOs (typ. -105dBc/Hz at 1GHz, 10kHz Offset), tuning bandwidth up to one octave

CRO-series: 400MHz to 8GHz Ultra-Low-Noise VCOs (typ. -120dBc/Hz at 1GHz, 10kHz Offset), up to 15% bandwidth

DRO-series: 7GHz to 14GHz, extreme spectral purity (typ. -107dBc/Hz at 12GHz, 10kHz Offset), with dielectric resonator

CLV-series: 350MHz to 4GHz Ultra-Low-Noise VCOs (typ. -110dBc/Hz at 1GHz, 10kHz Offset), up to 30% bandwidth

SMV-series: 60MHz to 6GHz Low-Noise VCOs (typ. -102dBc/Hz at 1GHz, 10kHz Offset) in miniature package 0.3" x 0.3", low cost

USSP-series: 150MHz to 4GHz Low-Noise VCOs in ultra compact package 0.2" x 0.2" (5mm x 5mm)

PSA-series: 190MHz to 5,4GHz Low-Noise synthesizer (VCO + PLL + controller, typ. -104dBc/Hz at 1GHz, 10kHz Offset)

PCA-series: 85MHz to 2GHz compact Low-Noise synthesizer (VCO + PLL + controller) in miniature package 0.5" x 0.5"

SFS-series: 500MHz to 15GHz fixed frequency synthesizer (typ. -118dBc/Hz at 1GHz, 10kHz Offset)

RFS-series: 1GHz to 6GHz fixed frequency synthesizer with internal reference (typ. -99dBc/Hz at 1,5GHz, 10kHz Offset)

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