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Weinschel is now Spectrum Control Weinschel

Weinschel is renowned for its quality RF and microwave products since 60 years.
Download Weinschel's full catalog (2012, 30MB)
Download Weinschel's RF and Microwave Components and Subsystems reference guide (2016) with programmable attenuators, phase shifters, terminations and many more new products.

Coaxial RF Attenuators Weinschel fixed attenuators

Manual RF Step Attenuators Weinschel step attenuator

  • Broadband RF step attenuators
  • High accuracy with low SWR
  • High repeatability over large attenuation ranges

Continuously Variable RF Attenuators api-Weinschel-variable-attenuator-940

  • For applications where the need exists for attenuating RF and microwave signal levels continuously without interrupting the circuit.

Programmable RF Attenuators, Phase Shifters and SwitchesWeinschel USB TTL programmable attenuator

RF Test Systems (Fading Simulators, RF Attenuation and Switch Matrices)api Weinschel programmable switch matrix

  • SmartstepĀ® subsystems offer solutions to challenging RF test and simulation needs. They consist of
  • Switch matrices
  • Programmable attenuation matrices
  • RF distribution networks
  • Fading simulators
  • Cable modem and VoIP test systems
  • Download the Weinschel Smartstep Subsystem Catalog

Programmable and Configurable RF and Microwave Attenuation Matricesapi Weinschel attenuation matrix

Weinschel offers flexible customer specific configurations of attenuation matrices (fading simulators) with its wide portfolio of programmable attenuators.
  • 46 different broadband an programmable attenuators
  • Frequency range from DC to 40 GHz
  • Various attenuators can be combined in one matrix
  • Dynamic range of individualt attenuators exceeds 100 dB
  • PC control via Ethernet LAN, USB or RS-232
  • Software for configuration and control is based on LabView
  • Combination of attenuation matrix and switch matrix in one unit available

Coaxial Terminations & LoadsWeinschel fixed RF attenuator

  • Weinschel offers a wide selection of RF terminations and RF loads
  • Frequency ranges from DC to 50 GHz
  • Power handling up to 1000 W

RF and Microwave Power Splitters & Dividersapi-Weinschel-resistive-power-splitter-1579

  • RF power splitters and RF power dividers
  • Wide frequency range from DC to 40 GHz
  • Many different connector options available

Coaxial RF and Microwave Phase Shifters

  • Weinschel's mechanical RF phase shifters are ideal for densely packaged systems with minimum accessibility
  • The RF phase shifters are linearly adjustable
  • They are housed in small in-line coaxial packages.

Coaxial RF Adapters