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Telit - IoT M2M modules for all cellular standards

As the world's only manufacturer of radio modules for M2M (machine-to-machine communication), Telit offers modules for mobile communications, satellite navigation and short-range radio from a single source. Together with Telit, we offer our customers tailor-made solutions for all applications.

Telit started with cellular solutions and has been a global leader since acquiring the Motorola M2M business unit. For some years now, the portfolio has been expanded to include solutions for GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou) and short range (Bluetooth and WiFi).

There are specific advantages for the customer due to the pin compatibility of the modules of different radio standards, which significantly reduces the development effort.

Telit cellular modules

Telit cellular modules support all cellular standards used worldwide. The bandwidth ranges from simple GSM / GPRS modules to highspeed 5G modules. In addition, the IoT portfolio consists of radio modules for LTE NB1 (LTE narrowband), LTE category M1, combination modules for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GNSS.
Link to Telit cellular modules

Telit GPS and GNSS modules

Telit divides its modules for satellite positioning into two product families. On the one hand Telit offers pure GPS modules and on the other hand full-featured GNSS modules, which cover GPS, GLONASS and even Galileo and BeiDou.
Link to Telit GPS/GNSS modules

Telit Bluetooth modules

Telit aquired the Bluetooth specialist Stollmann at the beginning of 2016 and now offers the tried and tested Stollmann Bluetooth modules and the software stack under its own name.
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Telit Wi-Fi modules

Telit aquired GainSpan who specializes in the development of ultra-low-power Wi-Fi technologies and solutions. The company manufactures ready-to-use module solutions that are particularly suitable for battery-operated applications due to their low power consumption.
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Telit Services

Telit offers a comprehensive package of services that are not available anywhere else. All of this was closely coordinated with the development of the company's own radio modules.

Telit Connectivity services for cellular applications

With the Connectivity Service, Telit offers an easy-to-use, web-based management tool that gives you detailed overviews of your account and each individual SIM card. Telit offers a comprehensive package of services that are not available anywhere else.
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Telit stock list

We carry a large inventory of the latest Telit modules. This includes cellular modules, GPS and GNSS modules as well as Bluetooth modules. Link to the latest stock list